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Account Suspended by attacker

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I am submitting the following on behalf of a friend who has had his account suspended.

=============================================================================================================================I am not writing this post to try and get my ticket processed faster but rather to get a few queries sorted out.

On the 21st of September I received two OTP codes without actually attempting a login operation. At the time I did not follow up on this odd occurrence ( I guess I should have noted and opened a ticket). On 27th, when I tried to login I received an error saying that my account has been suspended as ArenaNet suspects that it had been compromised.

I believe the person who triggered the OTP code responses has created a ticket claiming that the account has been compromised.

I have already lodged a support ticket (and currently in the queue) , but I am worried about the following:

  • Can the attacker get support to change the email/phone without showing the CD Keys ?
  • Is there a way to ensure that my ticket is processed before the attacker's ticket is solved?

My support ticket is 6625917.============================================================= ================================================================

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Only the CS Team can provide account information and/or resolution.

Make sure the email account is secure, as email accounts associated with game accounts are often compromised at the same time. For more information about account security, consult the Knowledge Base accessed via the 'Support' link above/below and 'Search - Security'.

Good luck.

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Attacker has to prove they own it they need cd key to prove ownership.

I've had to deal with solving my own compromised account so do know you need cd key to prove ownership. If they have the cd key you be into it. The hacker/hijacker w/e wanna call it, that got me luckily didn't know i had cdkey stored on the email they compromised from me. Luckily i had it hidden in a funny folder called trash wasn't trash literally just named trash lol I used that folder to hide stuff just in case cause you never know.

Now my hijacker got nervous once they figured out I had figured them out they tried change my email pw which they succeed at but only after I put forwarding on all my message options so when anet started reply to that email forward to my daily used email so I eventually told anet to change my email on account and not to send anymore support emails to it. It had to be done that hacker was in my email that email was ran by my ISP so to get it all back i would have to go through lotta hassle just wasnt worth it not for an email that i never used it was only used for my gw1 account gw2 was only forced to have to use it cause of my gw1 past.

All sorted for me but yea attacker has to prove he/she owns it cd key purchase proof all things possible. If you got a gw1 account also assigned they (anet) might even need gw1 info or can also be used from your end to prove you are the owner in case that attacker does have your gw2 cd key.

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