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Help with Weaver


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Hello everyone,

I have been playing my ele since Launch and overall I really like the concept. I play reaction base, weather it be scepter/dagger, dagger/dagger and staff. I understand the pros and cons of each weapon.

I just got the expansion and I was excited to use the sword! But, after a few hours of gameplay with the sword I am as lost as ever. I was hoping someone could explain what I am doing wrong or maybe it is my thinking?

My understanding, lets say Fire is my primary and Lighting is secondary. I am using a Sword/Dagger by the way. For example, lets say I am fighting and I need to heal myself. Well normally I would jump into my Water element and use the secondary skills on my dagger. But now, when I change atonement I change my primary to WATER and my secondary because FIRE.

I understand the sword heals, but I am looking more towards the secondary water abilities. So, now if I want secondary water abilities I need to wait for cooldown and cycle to water. and now I am stuck with Water primary and water secondary?

I am positive I dont understand the gameplay anymore for this ele weaver? It makes no sense, you almost have to know what is coming 4 steps ahead of time. Rather than reacting to what is in front of you. I think that is impossible.

I am not complaining, I think I just need a better perspective of what the point is or how does it benefit me to weave? If I cant get the spells I want the first time around, than how should I play this class? Is it simply rotation base and you need to depend on your other abilities more? I depend on every ability on my hot bar.\

Can someone explain to me how this class is suppose to be played effectively?

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You switch to water, you dodge maybe or wait a second, do water 2 and then turn to watet or fire and blast the water field. And you're done with your healing. You don't even have to use the offhand skill, maybe only if you need some additional cleansing.Or you can use use arcane trate and put on arcane wave and blast the water field immediatly.

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From my perspective:

If you want to heal then there are 2 good options for SW/D.

  • Attune to Water, use skill 2 and attune to earth during the animations, follow it up with earth 2 blast finisher and cleansing wave.
  • Attune to earth, attune to water, skill 2 then double blast with 4 + 5. This one requires a lot more prediction timing and experience.

For some extra sustain take Arcane Abatement and Signet Of Restoration

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