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Top Stats review


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Stats are fun, stats are interesting and...currently stats are very confusing even to veteran players (to the point they get ignored).

Maybe a player is in combat off point but is holding two enemy players off while the team gains points (2-1 split or 1-0-0).

Maybe a player gets top damage and never kills anyone because they go against a bunker with a build that can’t kill said bunker for the entire game).

Maybe a top kills stat is just tagging and not actually contributing to kills.

So, let’s consider what we want our stats to tell us. For me I’m interested less in capturing all the potential data points and more on accurately representing the overall picture.

  1. I’d like to see only one person from both teams receive a “top stat” notation. It makes no sense to award a top defense stat to a team that failed to defend all the nodes. It also confuses the issue. Was my team better at defense and offense or only one or the other. The team with more of a stat, and specifically the MVP of that stat for the team, should get the honor.
  2. Further, I want to see the map mechanic award a special stat. How it gets calculated would vary map to map. The goal would be to put a number to the best use of the mechanic and award that player a star (of infamy if they went beast all game but their team lost in a landslide). This gives people more information about what their team did poorly or well.
  3. Next, I’d like to know how much mobility played a role. Total units travelled during the game. It might explain why your team kept getting decapped by mobile opponents. Or it might be the context for explaining your teams strong ability to defend multiple nodes for extended periods.

Anyone else have ideas on this front?

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It's well known fact that if you don't get any top stats, you are useless to the game and you need to get good. Without top stats, you are essentially a nobody with no skills. Top stats mean everything, and they drive the behavior of players, rightfully so. They are all that matters, and if you don't have any top stats, you don't matter, like at all. How can you make any comments about the game if you don't have top stats? WOW, top revives? Big kitten deal, you were wasting time picking someone up who was actually doing something important, like chasing the warrior or scrapper off point. I am quite the expert at getting top stats. Let me tell you the easiest way to be the best player in the game with most of the top stats. Get on any tanky build, and hang around the points. Tag everyone you can at least once like you are farming silverwastes. Run away to another point and do this some more. You can even have a 1 v 1 at home all match with different foes and rack up the points. Don't worry about rotating where you are needed because you can't rack up good stats as well if you focus on the teams objectives. Remember this is not a team game. It's a random group game, and discord duo game. If you want to shine, you have to shine on the stats board.Most importantly, stop playing thief. Play either scourge, holosmith, soulbeast, or revenant if you really want to make an impact. These guys can really stack up the stats.

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