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The point pop-up when a kill is made, what does it mean?


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How Scoring works in WvW

You can see the Skirmish totals on the WvW panel - they are the three numbers on the right of the pie chart.

You get Points Per Tick for holding objectives and holding upgraded objectives as well as getting dolyaks into objectives, killing dolyaks etc. Not sure what else. You also get points for killing enemies (as you now know).

When the Skirmish ends (it says time remaining under the text Mist War on that page, and also at the top of the screen when in WvW), the highest number on the right gets 5 points added to the total on the left, 2nd place gets 4 points added to the total on the left and 3rd place gets 3 points added to the total on the left.

At the end of the week, the side with the highest total on the left goes up one tier on the ladder and the side with the lowest total goes down one tier on the ladder - 2nd place remains in the same tier on the ladder.

You can't see the ladder in the game. They are only visible on 3rd party websites like this: http://www.gw2stats.com/

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Points pop up on your screen in several scenarios, approaching any objective foriegn or domestic at the tic mark, dolyaks arriving at their destination and yes Kills.

You will see all the above point tic markers in your travels regardless if they are ticking in favor of your team you still see every color tickng, but in the case of kills, sometimes you can use these indicators to judge the scope, who's fighting who and even sometimes what your odds are in surviving or winning the fight before you even get to that fight, like if you're blue and you see 10 red tics and 3 green ticks with no friendly dots around the area, you probably don't want to proceed to that fight.

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