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[EU][PvX] Looking for eu pvx guild on Underworld

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I’m looking for a friendly English speaking guild to call a home on Underworld and get involved in all aspects of the game.As cooperative play is massively rewarded, I would really like some buddies to group up with.I typically play late evening from 22:00-02:00 CET.

I’m relatively new to the game, but not new to the genre by any means. Old WoW player that used to tank raids back in the day.I’ve come to GW2 as I want to take on the challenge of a new mmo and progress through its content.

I am currently levelling a Mesmer and plan on making it a Chronomancer once maxed to clear raids/fractals, but also looking to get in to PvP somewhere along the line.

I have Discord and a mic so more than happy to get on and chat.

Let me know if you feel I would be a good fit.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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