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Some aura traits bugged with fire aura (Elemental Shielding, Powerful Auras, Zephyr's Boon, ...)


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@"Dahir.4158" said:

@Uthrax.4975 said:Just tested fire aura with traits, still not processing anything. /sigh

They don't care. It's as simple as that. No word of acknowledgement or anything.

And you cant post about it any where else but here and the bug forms. That why you got to talk about all bugs and post on other ppl who are talking about such things or this bug going to be another 3 month to 6 month bug.

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Just keep this going i know there only 10 or so ppl on these forms but got to keep some forces on this bug its is game braking for any dagger build on ele. The worst of it is its from the balance patch that was made to buff dagger on ele. As long as this is taking just show you how much anet realty think about ele as a class and the ele community.

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Alright, I made a quick video of it. I could have made it more detailed to show more interactions (or lack thereof), but I'd rather not spend the time. Here is video proof that the aura is bugged. At the end, you will see many boons proc when using Flash Freeze due to the traits I have selected, but throughout the rest of the video, the only other boons that proc are naturally built into traits or Shout skills that have boons tied to the skills themselves and not the auras.

Edit: Didn't realize another video had already been posted on the previous page of this post. Oh well.

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@MyPuppy.8970 said:They're redesigning from the ground the whole profession and its elites, it will be fixed then.

! That's what I'd like to believe. I play other games in the meantime.

Just took the same decision as of now. It was a fight vs Boonbeast, they had permanent 15 stacks of Stab the whole duel with other boons and high damage while still running Celestial, and guess what? The high damage was only auto attacking, it quite shows how ele is a freaking joke. The ignorance towards this class is just sickening. If ANet wants the player-base to play once every 3-4 months as of LW, so be it.

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