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suggestion: berserk


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just a quick suggestion to help berserker in pvp and pve a bit morecould use a small mechanic like scourge manifest sand shade that when you use an f2-f5 skill it also uses f1

we could add that to berserkso when you have berserk active, each rage skill used while berserk is active does the (new) damage part of the berserk activatenumbers could be finetuned, so in addition to extending duration you would also apply some aoe pressure

not overtuned, yet a welcome change

other than that i'm quite enjoying testing new builds so far, highest damage i have pumped out is 30.4k dmg, not as high as expected but desso better then the 24.5-25k i started with

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@"Crusader.7460" said:Elborate what build you used to get to 30.4k dmg

this is the build i used http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAnXRnckCddglkC+dAEliFiAT5L8EiBvF3lb01IAEBGAA-jhRBABmpEkS1fua/R5nxnCAAeCA4pPIAwBw5NPAO/8zP/8zr5nf+5nf+5nf+5lCQPlRA-enote: the skills aren't updated yet in the buildeditor but only berserk skills got the changhes so it's easy to adapt

stacking damage modifers 20% peak performance 20% bloody roar 21% berserkers power and landing axe 5 under signet of fury active (signet of fury is used to fuel berserk, since we don't have to the limit anymore for the adrenaline)

crit chance base 62.67% (with signet of fury)crit chance base 54.1% (with signet of fury on cooldown

crit chance with fury 82.67%crit chance with fury 74.1% (signet of fury on cooldown)

crit chance with fury + spotter 87,43%crit chance with fury + spotter 78,77% (signet of fury on cooldown)

crit chance with fury+spotter+banner 96,68%crit chance with fury+spotter + banner 88,11% (signet of fury on cooldown)

as you can see the "main" issue is staying crit capped, without overstacking it which is hard

i'm sure someone more experienced can come up with a better build, or min-max mine

the big plus is, you have about the highest ferocity of every class out there (even higher then fresh air tempests)it's nice to see the really big numbers pop up

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