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Can't Complete Personal Story

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Earlier I was trying to work on my Personal Story Part 8: Ships of the Line.I got allllll the way to the end (I assume). I was in a cut scene, and once I got out of the cut scene, my character had the "Viewing Cut Scene" icon above her head. I had an indicator to talk to Trahearne, but I couldn't move or talk to him. Then the game disconnected me with Error Code: 7:11:3:191:101

I closed out the client, waited 30 minutes, opened the client and had to start the mission ALL OVER AGAIN from the start.I got all the way back to the EXACT spot (talking to Trahearne ) and the same thing happened.

This will be the 3rd time I'm doing this exact same mission from the very beginning. It's not marking my progress. It's kicking me out and making me start from the beginning.

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