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[EU] Crystal Desert Expedition - October 2nd to October 6th


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Join us on an expedition into the Crystal Desert this week from Monday (October 2nd) to Friday (October 6th) every day at 19:00 CEST!

We plan to journey from Amnoon to the inner corners of the Domain of Vabbi, visiting all of the mount locations, completing events and seeking out bounties and challenges on the way!

This event is recommended for everyone, no matter the level of exploration done, experience with the game, or completion of the story. Our goal is primarily to have some random fun in the desert, but we will definitely be stopping by mastery and skill points, as well as any other challenges that come our way as we traverse the desert! We’ll be ending our expedition each day at next day's starting point, so no additional exploration is required!

The events take place between October 2nd and October 6th, from Monday to Friday. You can join by simply connecting to our teamspeak address on the day at ts.gw2oc.org at 19:00 CEST and joining the Expedition channel! There is no password and no need to speak if you don’t want to, so feel free to come even if you’re just planning on lurking and participating in the in-game fun!

Hope to see you there!

Note: This is not a 100% world exploration or Hero Point Train, but rather a “taste of the desert” free-for-all adventure! We will be getting many skill points and masteries on the way, and helping players to get some tricky stuff, but our objective is random diversified fun rather than completionism!


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