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Warhorn and Focus need stronger identities


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This is not supposed to be a simple patch bashing thread, please don't stop reading >.<

I actually like the (potential) ideas behind the changes to these two skills. Making WH5 a melee AoE lifesteal enforces the close range/teamfight sustain theme of the warhorn, completed by the area daze on WH4. The rework of Focus 4 was desperately needed to give it a more reliable nature. The original skill was sadly never a good option because you lose damage whenever that damn scythe rolls to an ally and does whatever it did (I never bothered finding out). The new focus snipe sounds really fun and boosts the single target theme of the focus.Now why is everyone mad then?They both do essentially the same now. Both are lifesteal skills instead of actual damage. Both are sustain skills, only for different situations. Neither of them can crit.I believe it would be pretty simple to make most necros happy: Make the Focus a direct damage spell and remove its lifesteal. I have plenty of other ideas how the skill could be reworked (shooting a shadow orb similar to tempest airhorn, a 3-sec darknessbeam, summoning a mini fleshwurm turret, whatever) but just not have it be a lifesteal would be the fastest and easiest solution IMO.

Thanks for reading!

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