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Berserker Rage Skills and how I would change them.


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As expected, no one uses these Rage skills even with the changes.

This is due to the extremely situational uses for them as well as the fact that almost every Rage skill are poor imitations of existing Core Warrior Utilities.

I suggest that these Rage skills be altered to reflect the Berserker's build up of rage than to simply be skills which look cool.

Outrage - Stunbreak on a fairly low cooldown. Probably the only good unique utility which Berserker offers that is worth picking up. Extremely powerful against encounters with lots of CC, be it Pve or Pvp.

My suggestion for this skill is to increase the cooldown to 16 seconds, and refunds half of the CD on a Stunbreak.

Stunbreaking with this skill awards 7 seconds of Berserk timer.

Theoratically, if used properly as a stunbreak, it is only on a 8 second cooldown, but the point is to reward players for using it properly, or else they should just run Stances with Stability and Stunbreaks already tied to it.

Wild Blow - Berserker's Kick knockoff, with 20 seconds cooldown and is basically a AoE Kick which Kicks other enemies behind the initial target. Grants Fury, always Crits. But no big deal.

Wild Blow can instead be changed to apply a "Wild Blow" effect to the player, which causes the next attack to always crit and knock the target back. (600 range knockback)

If the attack is an AoE, it sweeps enemies back for half the range instead. (300 range knockback)

It could also be traited to gain a second charge, and the best trait to tie this to is Smash Brawler, which currently only increases Berserk by 5 seconds.

When traited, it can also award the Berserker an additional second of Berserk with every successful Rage skill usage.

Sundering Leap - It's simply clunky, and provides little compared to its big brother, Stomp.

How I would change this skill is to make it jump a set 400 range forward, similar to Rocket Jump.

The landing AoE could be enlarged to around 200 range compared to the current 180.

Landing this AoE on targets will Cripple them, deal damage, and award Berserk timer.

Shattering Blow - This skill, is just uncomfortable to use. It has poor range and most importantly, it interrupts movement and movement locks.

The change I suggest is simple : Free movement while casting this.

An additional change which I think PvPing Berserkers will enjoy, would be to extend the cast time to 2 seconds, where during this period of time, the Berserker destroys any projectiles incoming from the direction he is facing with this skill.

After this 2 seconds, the Berserker will launch rocks out in a cone from where he is facing, inflicting Bleed and Daze.

Finally : Blood Reckoning - This healskill is really powerful due to the amount of potential healing yu can pull out of it, but as it stands, it's simply a "press for timer and lifesteal" skill.

If it were up to me to change this, I would make this skill a little more interesting.

On cast, it will heal a small amount and put the Berserker into Berserk mode immediately, but instead of 15 seconds, it will be only 5. (this timer can be increased by Smash Brawler.)

For this 5 seconds, the Berserker will take 50% less damage, and will heal for 100% of the damage dealt.

It will also Stunbreak on cast if the player has Savage Instinct traited instead.

Why this suggested change?

Simple reason : Berserkers should be given a 2nd wind near death and go into a rage and frenzy in order to survive.

This plays into that fantasy perfectly, that Berserker's healing skill is to simply continue hacking and slashing, instead of falling back on Healing Signet to regenerate health.

Sure players may still run Healing Signet to have better Health over time for dueling in pvp, but an enrage mode to heal up will be better against clumped up foes in pve or in wvw to buy a few more precious seconds of life.

Please feel free to give feedbacks, and I thank yu for reading the entire essay.

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well thoughtout changes, i especially like outrage and the healing skill.outrage because it would just make it even better, id argue that that skill might be the only one thats good as it is now.

and the healing because it would make that heal actually usefull, its completely useless in pvp atm, in my opinion, because its not a reliable source of healing.like you said, it would totally fit the theme, to go into a brutal frenzy before death (maybe make it so, that you only turn berserk, when activated under 50% health, so that ppl cant open a fight on full 100%hp as berserker), when used before, you just get the healing portion from it

my problem with the berserker right now is that after using berserker mode, you basically lose all pressure on your opponent, due to lack of oldschool bursts, its 12 seconds of running in circles and trying to survive until you can pressure back with refreshed berserker mode. its totally unpractical to stay for longer than the normal time in that mode, because in pvp you just cant use ALL the rage skills, its basically just outrage and headbutt, that are rly viable, compared to necessary skills that keep you alive, be it endure pain, berserker stance, or shake it off.

why not make it like spb, and give us normal burst skills, that only use one adrenalin bar, like, you go berserk, and then when it runs out you are kind of exhausted and cant unleash the full potential of your bursts. so just the effects of a tier1 adrenal burst.

its absolutely not fun to wait around 12 seconds without rly doing much

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