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About the nerfing everything mania


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It's only been a few days since PoF came out, and there's already been a lot of threads about nerfing this or that. Nerfing the story because it seems too hard to some people, nerfing a meta because it requires well organized groups, etc.

There are too ways to make a game not feel short.

  • Either you make it harder
  • Or you add more repeatable, grindy tasks.

When a game has neither (neither grinding or difficulty) it feels short. Well that's exactly why PoF feels short. It doesn't have the long term grinding of HoT (THANKS), and its not hard. Consequently we end up with people complaining cause they have nothing to do, and 25k gryphons... in a week.

I don't know about you, but I come from a generation of games (i call it pre CoD era) that weren't necessarily longer, but they offered enough challenge so that you usually wouldnt beat a last boss first try, and a win actually meant something.

As much as I like PoF, i dont feel happy about myself when i beat the final boss. Its cool and all, story is amazing, but there's simply no challenge to make it fullfilling.

At some point you gotta choose, do you want a less grindy experience for more intelligent content or would you rather press 1 in most fights (bounties) a hundred times to get anything worth or value.

It certainly didnt feel that way in GW1. I cant imagine how some people complaining about the soul eater would think about wiping at the last quest before Dhumm and having to redo it all.Surely theres a middle ground to be found that ensures that at the second expansion of gw2 people must at least know how to use cc and other basic mechanics to finish a story...

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Most MMO's are far far too easy, and GW2 is no exception. That a major expansion can be completed in a week by a casual player like myself, in a week, is insane. Looking back at say, Everquest, I think there are expansions there that I never finished.I'm not sure we should go back to the punishing grind of the old games, and I do like that todays games have soloable content but there has to be a balance somewhere, to make the "new shineys" last more than a week.

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