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Another idea for swipe but real trade off not nerf


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Give swipe 2 charges and a lower cool down on the 1st charge but the 2nd charge has a longer cool down.EG: if you use the 1st charge of 'swipe' the CD is 25s (not quite as long as steal but its something)Then the 2nd charge if used goes on full CD perhaps 50sThat would be a trade off and not a direct nerf.You would get the benefit of 2 shorter range steals but with a much longer CD than regular steal if you use both charges.

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@Sir Vincent III.1286 said:You do realize that this will break Mug and Sleight of Hand right?

So in order to regulate Mug/Sleight due to the change you're proposing, they will have to put a 20s ICD on each trait.

This is not to mention how OP Bewildering Ambush will be.

I agree. I initially proposed a lower cooldown on Swipe to offset the range reduction, but ultimately I think there are too many traits that trigger on Steal that would become broken.

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@Fade.5904 said:sure you could mug twice but then steal would be on a 50s cooldown instead of a traited 20s/30s untraited. thats what a trade off is.You also forgot Thrill of the Crime and Bountiful Theft.

50s CD is nothing since you can reduce it by 25% with every evade using Swindler's. So it's not a real trade off.

The best case scenario if they will implement an ammo to Swipe is ICD to the traits with effects, no doubt about it. They will allow you to steal twice in a row, but the second steal will not have any benefit. There is no way, given ArenaNet's track record, that they will allow the Thief to trigger the effects twice in a row.

Thrill and Bountiful will not be damaging with the ammo system, however, Improvisation will be as broken as Mug, Sleight, and Bewilder.

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