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Suggestions and a Request

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Request first.I know most of the changes on class skills were made for ballance purposes (or not), anyway, after this update my necro movements looks too sllugish. I rather have back the 600 range on Grasping Darkness skill rather the entire day for the skill complete it's cycle. It used to be way faster, also Reaper sword animations are now sooooo slow... It seems I'm playing frame by frame.

Suggestions:-stop putting daily completion events on starter areas or disable mounts there. Is terrible to see low level players "try" to hit something with the entire server using mount skills.-stop putting daily activity participation on the pve side of daily completionist. I never ever seen so irritating events such as these.-stop putting jumping puzzles on daily completionist events. This is another annoying thing that has to do with my other suggestion-create a separate area / map / world for placing all jumping puzzles and get rid of those invisible walls. You don't know how frustrating it is to go to a place to get something you need and get those icons of no glide / mount, not to mention when you work so hard to get a high spot for that disabled gryphon that costed me a lot (in game currency) to stumble on an invisible wall because some dev thought would be fun disrupt ingame mechanics with a jumping puzzle and a wall for you don't go the easy way.-please add another toolbar either on left or right side or even a moveable one so we can place itens that we constantly use like food / sharppening stones/ maintenance oils or like for quick swapping of weapons for classes that doesn't have that ability like elementalists, so we don't have to open inventory every single time look for the item and use it.-please review storage ingredients list. As master chef sometimes we end up with several ingredients that won't go to storage because it doesn't have a specific storage slot, and there are lots of them specially low tier ones.-some recipes / itens / gear, some bought with coins, some with karma can't be salvaged / sold on trading post / use rune extractors, so instead of destroying that piece of item, make them npc sellable.

Thanks for reading.

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