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Any way to get the exotic mount select license by itself?

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@"Palador.2170" said:Very bottom of the promo page.


"*The new Exotic Breeds Mount Select License and Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License will be available for individual purchase next week."

Ah the little fine print. At least they mentioned this.

Thank you.

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Where are you buying drinks that they cost that much? 2400 gems is £25.50. Even when I'd go out after work in London it didn't cost £12 for one drink and that was just a few years ago.

Also value is subjective. Something you don't want or can't use is worthless to you, no matter how much it costs. So what the package is worth depends on how many of the things in it each person wants. If someone only wants the new mount skins then this package is a waste of money, but if you want all of the things in it then it's a very good deal.

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