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Funerary Armor: Can only get one armor type?


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Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is a bug, and I sure hope it is or just an easy to fix oversight, but it seems we can only unlock one type of armor for the Funerary Armor set. I received the box for the headpiece and picked light armor since I was on my Necromancer. But none of my other characters who use other armor types (medium and heavy) have the headpiece unlocked. Since we can't do the achievement again because achievements are account wide, I'm assuming this must be a bug. After all, when we unlock the Elonian armor through the quest line (which we CAN do over multiple characters) one unlock unlocks all the armor types for that piece.

Unless of course there are other ways to get the Funerary set other then the achievements that I don't know of. But it would be nice to know if that is so (don't have to tell us how, just that there is another way) or if this is indeed a bug.

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