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Ancient Echo?


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I am curious to what people think of this new ability.The +25 energy seems to be the biggest draw of the ability.Jalis seems to be the best effect, giving the RotGD effect for 3 and not costing 50 energy.
Shiro seems to be worthless, only buffing two hits and not two attacks.
Mallyx is more useful with suppressing conditions for a moment.But ventari gaining alacrity seems decent?All in all Ancient Echo seems to be too weak to contemplate dropping an Espec for it.

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My absolute favorite build to roam on is core Mallyx/Shiro Rev and I can happily say that Ancient Echo feels so kitten good. It is helpful in so many ways, primarily due to the energy gain. The secondary effects feel less impactful but are still really nice to have. The extra resistance from Mallyx makes fighting condi builds even more manageable than they already were. The unblockable is nice but I wish the charges lasted longer or had a few extra added onto it. Still nice to have though. The only effect I am not happy with is the Alacrity for Ventari.

Ancient Echo, while not meta-defining, has made a noticeable positive impact on my gameplay. I can have even more absurd mobility with my build, which is extremely helpful since I spend most of my time solo roaming. I would personally love it if they made it interact with Spirit Boon and Fierce Infusion, but that is moreso a desire to make the skill feel more integrated as a true core mechanic.

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