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Some ideas how to fix berserker and what is wrong with it.


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Here are some things i think are wrong with berserk and some ideas how could you fix it:

-Playing berserker doesnt fell good.Its like character in in alfa state.Everything you do is clunky and annoying.He doesnt have the feel that when he gets mad he can do stuff.

-There is no point to extend berserker with rage skills coz it doesnt provide any damage at all

-Condi Banner build without rage skills provide more dps so you dont want utilize new mechanics,and you have to keep banners to do any damage at all.

-Power warrior build (32.5k dmg video) shows us the best that you dont want to extend berserk coz to do damage you use bolas,charge to get maximum output of damage from trait peak performance

-Berserker's Power trait should be moved to berserker traitline from power traitline.That way condi build could exist and you would have some actuall damage boost for condi build.Or if you dont want to move it just add extra trait that have synergy with condi build and gives same bonuses but with condi damage.

-Adrenaline production when not in berserk mode is too low with condi build.Bow/sword/torch needs faster adrenaline buildup outside berserk.With power build ill say its good.You use 2 axes and gs and you adrenaline buildup is ok.

-There is no point to have 3 bars od adrenaline outside bersek.(I know for power berserker 3 bars have sense for short boost of damage but what about condi hmm?Condi have nothing from it)You can use it only to change to berserk.It would made more sense to change to berserk on the fly and then you could play with 3 adrenaline bars when in berserk mode.With this berserker would get bonuses from spending adrenaline traits.After this change people would not be spamming bursts but use them more tactical and build up them to get maximum dps.In trash fighs you would have flexibility to do less damage if you choose to not buildup max adrenaline and you could use burst more frequantly coz trash mobs ususally dont require max dps.Basicly simple mobs youll do fast spam with lower dps and on champs and elites, bosses you build up damage.

-rage skill should give adrenaline . Outsie of berserk mode they fell really usless.They should reduce berserk cooldown(when not in berserk) and give adrenaline ,and in berserk mode extend berserk time

-spamming F1 F1 to transform and do burst is clunky.Make F2 to change to berserk, F1 to burst then F2 to get out of berserk.When you leave berserk you wont loose all time you acumulated in berserk form.You would loose part of it and you also could add trait to reduce the penaly of exiting berserk.(idea below with rage skills rework)

-fights on maps with trash mobs are bad with berserk coz its clunky to change to berserk and to do anything outside berserk.

-Nerfing dmg on condi taits in berserk makes condi build like nonexistent it doesnt do enough damage and rotation is actually very clunky.And if you get some kind of cc or stun during that it gets even worse

-Rage skills idea rework .Being in the berserker form and trying to extend it doesnt actually make you do more damage.Traits are static and they cant give you fluid damage buff .If for example you would get %damage based on timer of berserk then that would make sense to extend it.For exmaple you enter berserk you have 15s wich would give you 15% dmg bonus .Then with Smash Brawler youll get extra 5% then you use rage skill youll get more time and more %dmg.And while time is lowering your damage is lowering too.It could be done with some thinking and tweaking.It doesnt have to be those numbers, but thats idea how to make ppl want to use rage skills.In berserker mode you would feel rewarded to extend the time and you could get rid of banners from buils and do the damage like real berserk.And hey, if somone want to have banners they still could but at expense of actuall damage.So everybody is happy.

-another thing that would make sense when you enter berserk mode all your rage skill get off colldowns ,so you could and want tu use then outside berserk mode.And in berserk mode you would actually consider to use them to boost your dps(Rage skills idea rework) or use them as utility skill to cc break stun etc.Variety and more options=win.

-Also outside berserk you should get back berserk burst skills but gutted versions that cost like 10 adrenaline .Thematicly idea is that after berserker get out of berserker mode he is tired so he cant do full burst damage.Only when he is angry and get in full rage he does full damage.And simply like that here is your tradeoff idea.Youll get some damage but not much but when you get to berserk you fell like berserk and do crazy damage

-Sundering leap skill is meh.Barerly usefull.I would change it to insta cast skill gravity stomp.Berserker get so mad and so powerfull he stomps the ground ,that gravity around bend to his will and pulls targets in area(ls say 300-500). By stomping to the ground all targets that got pulled are crippled(like 5 s),weakned (like 10s), vulnerable like 5 stacks for 4-7 second, bleeding like 5 stacks for 10 s.Ofc it would works mostly on trash mobs if it comes to pull, but bosses would get extra conditions.and also in raid fractals situation or simply on map berserk could add up kinda mesmery pull to the table.

-indication of berserk should look more like you get into shroud .Berserker should get visual bar above weapon skills 1-5 with number of time you have left in berserker form.You always would be able to see what time and what %dmg bonus you still have in berserk form(idea with rage skills giving %dmg).Current buff icon on the right is not visible and during fight your right buffs side is mess.

All changes i have in mind are for PVE .The numbers should be tested acordingly to PVP and WVW

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