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what is the plural of asura?

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The races of GW2 are actually really easy in that regard.


Humans and asura are the only ones that have any sort of difference with humans being the only race where an S is added to make it plural.

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@"Deadvillager.1956" said:You forgot the obviously correct option of Asuri.

Nowhere in the game is "Asura" declined in Latin. Furthermore, if it was Latin, the plural would be Asurae.

@Tyncale.1629 said:I would have thought Asurae, but I guess not. :)

No, you are 100% right with that assumption. The nominative plural would be Asurae, if it was Latin, which it is not.

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Aura is plural as well as singular.However, Asura have many specific units defined for the number of Asura being referred to. A crew is one such unit consisting of 4 Asura, the leader of which is determined by intellectual and achievement merit. The base unit of a crew is thought to be derived from the Asura anatomy, which has one opposable thumb (opposable is a very important point) and three fingers thought of as assistants. The odd number of assistants is also important in that the leader expects them to achieve consensus before presenting their research.

Asura society is a strict meritocracy. The Inquest are not just criminals because of their dodgy research practices and questionable conclusions but also because they refuse to submit to the rule of meritocracy and disobey orders from superior minds.

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@"Ashantara.8731" said:Play through the story again and you will encounter several examples. There is also a story step that is called "Meeting the Asura."


I refuse to be corrected when there are so many inconsistencies regarding the pluralization of asura. Is it asura, asuras, asurans, asurae, pack, herd, colony or something else?

Can @anet_linguistics_team please confirm? What is the truth?

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@"kasoki.5180" said:Can we get some ingame example? I am almost 100% sure i have heard 'asuras' be used in game but cant place it :/

There are several examples in the text about asura from character creation, another in the in-game description of Rata Sum, and even more on the asura race page (which I admit isn't in-game, but is an official source).

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