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Two handed axes and new weapons in general


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So this is an old ass question that has been asked ever since the game came out, but will 2 handed axes and new weapons in general ever going to be added to the game?

I took a break from the game the past 3 or so years, but i sometimes dive back in to check out what has been going on. Since this has been requested for a long time i thought they would have added it in the newest expansion. So after finding out that such an requested item still hasn't been added in anything but a costume kinda puzzles me.

The animations are already there and the game already have several in-game models so i cant imagine it can be that difficult to implement it into the game.

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They would need to:

  • add/create new weapon skills
  • rework traits to include the new weapons
  • balance theses additional skills/traits (more flat workload for every future iteration)
  • add skins (maybe even for all the existing weapon sets of the last years)
  • one class gets a new shiny weapon, the others want some too -> see all the above

I can see why ANet would not want to do this, even if I would appreciate it. I would already be happy, if the weapons from the elite specializations would be available for the core classes/other elite -> not exclusive to one elite. Oc this would also affect the balance workload -> core Guardian with a viable ranged weapon (longbow), Holo with Hammer, core Rev and Mirage with shield and so on.

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