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Want Hi-resolution image of portrait of Logan Thackeray

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Hi all! A friend of mine often chuckles at the item "Portrait of Logan Thackeray" for guild hall decorations. He loves that it's actually a thing you can buy!

For his birthday, I would like to send him a real life framed portrait of Logan Thackeray. I think it would be silly and fun! I would like to take the in-game portrait (or the art it is based on) and blow it up to at least 8x10inch size.

I am trying to find the most high-resolution version of this art possible. Does anyone know how to find this, or have tips on that?

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Finally a worthy challenge.

I have to admit that this was one insane treasure hunt. Took me almost 2 hours, but I learned a lot about concept art and how to find images. I found the original image!

How?I was studying tons of wallpapers and concept art over the past two hours until I noticed a pattern. The pictures where the Logan from the portrait was shown, were always drawn in the same style. I assumed the picture is from the early development of the game, so probably the creator of the image was a GW1 artist. So I went to the Guildwars Wiki and picked the Concept art by artist. I scanned through every page until I found a style similar to the pictures I was looking for and it was Kekai Kotaki. So I went to his website and tried a lucky guess, Guildwars 2 concept art. And guess what? The image google cannot find was right in his gallery. Sadly this is the highest resolution I can find. Maybe the artist has a larger version. You can try to ask him. Your cause seems reasonable to me.

Was fun. Good luck!

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