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One thing that I feel both Engineers and Elementalists should get, is another pair of sigils, as if they have a second weapon slot to work with. This would put the Engineer and Elementalist in a more strategic spot in terms of sigil choices, and for Eles, all of the sigils can proc when swapping attunements, for engis, when swapping kits/holomode.

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Would all 4 of them be active?That sounds too OP to me.

By just using one kit engi get the advantage of triggering any weapon-swap-sigil on its own cooldown instead of waiting for the weapon swap cooldown.There are popular builds without kits and builds without weapon-swap sigil. However, I don't think we need to buff those by getting extra sigils.Especially since you will break balance on other builds that way.Like bloodlust+force+impact+fire on dmg-holo...

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