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Treasure Mushroom at Draconis Mons much harder to kill since Game Update on April 26 2019

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Apparently, now the TShroom will duck into one of the floor vents (players can't follow), and tunnel/transport to another one in the same area.

Used to be able to solo the TShroom on my own, but it's much, much harder now.The other hostile mushrooms are still there.

... ANet, I can only hope that you've made the Cinderella slippers (Invisible boots) drop increase???


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I think it must be a random behavior. I was able to kill the Shroom again in Draconis Mons, this time, it didn't duck, not even once, into any of the floor vents... which to me is "normal"....

I can only believe that this is some sort of intended behavior programmed into it, as bizarre as it sounds.

Ah well, back to the easy kills.Yay!:)

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