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Pleas eexplain superior runes of the warrior to me is it utility or weapon skill

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It reduces the recharge time of the weapon swap.

From the wiki:

  • Reduces weapon swapping from 10 sec to 8 sec.
  • Applies after the Warrior trait Fast Hands for an extra one sec reduction (4 seconds cooldown on weapon swapping).
  • Does not affect the recharge of Elementalist's attunements, Necromancer's shrouds, Druid's celestial avatar, Revenant's legend stances, or the Engineer's kit swapping.
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@"Umbralpixel.9305" said:so elementalist can't use the runewill it reduce elementalist skill recharge and if so, is it only oncewhoops i realize i made mistakety i thought it was skill not weapon swap

The runes 6th bonus does absolutely nothing for an elementalist since attunement changing technically doesn't count as a weapon swap (sigils however will treat an attunement change as a weapon swap).

If you want the rune for it's stats, Vampirism runes are the way to go:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Rune_of_Vampirism

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