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Looking for a guild

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Hope everyone is having a good day? I am in search of a mature guild. Don't get me wrong I can joke around with the best of them but there are different levels and don't really want to be in a drama filled, talk behind your back guild again. I'm an older person 37yrs old would be nice to have some in the same age range. Can also join discord but wont be able to talk still working on getting a mic. Would like raids to be an option haven't yet started then would love to very much so. I love helping out people if able. So please any guilds looking for members message me in game QueenOfTheLab.1654 i'm on Fort Aspenwood Server if that matters.

Thanks for your time.

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Heya Queen!

I'm Nakk and I run a guild with my college buddy, it started as a college friends guild but now it's just my family. We are also interested in raiding, though far from it. Our latest member just got to level 80 last month and we haven't had a lot of playtime since.

We're all family but don't really live near one another, so we have been trying to do weekly play sessions together for an hour or two. Right now we're reevaluating the time slot for that weekly schedule. It's going to be evening time PST, Tues, Fri or Sat.

Our short term goals for our play sessions has been Fractals. Im pretty sure this is a good way to gear up ascended for raids. Eventually we're gonna try raids, but two of us are 50+ and they've made comments about their decreasing ability to perform. I'm still hopeful and intending to give raiding a shot.

I'll send you an invite next time I'm online, let me know if you're interested!

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