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Trying to play with a friend in WvWvW but I cannot transfer, any help would be appreciated.

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Hello all! I just recently returned and I am trying to transfer to my friends server but it isn't letting me. I am on Dragonbrand he is on Sea of Sorrows but because it is full I cannot. I am willing to pay the money but it won't let me. He is already established with a small guild and has other friends on the server that may not want to transfer, so I doubt both of us transferring to some other server is an option.

Is there any other option? Do servers swing in population? I've been watching for a few days now and no luck.

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Servers reopen from time to time, but that may be a bit of a wait. The WvW servers relinked just yesterday, so you may want to consider swapping temporarily to Borlis Pass (currently allied with Sea of Sorrows). BP will be paired with them until at least June 28th (or longer). Just check frequently to see if SoS opens up.

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