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Save our fingers, keyboards and mice!

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There is a lot of useless clicking in the game now, either for buttons that are in awkward places or for things that just don't need to have acknowledgments. Please fix these up:

  • Remember crafting level/item level selections in crafting from one login to the next, so we don't have to uncheck levels every time we log in.
  • Confirmation popups for banners serve no purpose except to mess up action cam players. If you feel that you have to let people know, a less obtrusive method would be better.
  • Confirmation when you get items from the Mystic Forge or crafting isn't needed; we see the item to the side. At least make it timed instead of clicked.
  • Repeat option for Mystic Forge.
  • Mystic forge recipes, so we don't have to click out of and back into the game to get things from the wiki.
  • Option to automatically craft sub-components in crafting, so we don't have to click through multiple levels of crafting windows (also prevents overcrafting by accident).
  • Useless buy notifications that come up every time, ie about discounted fractal keys, etc. We don't need to see these every time.
  • Type name to destroy needs to be more context sensitive. Once we have completed the content/collection, we shouldn't have to type anything to ditch an item with no other purpose.
  • Place deposit in the main inventory, rather than in the gear menu.
  • Autodeposit items which have no other purpose, ie Badges, Proofs, karma granters, currency granters, etc. Consume all is much nicer than before but still needs extra clicks.
  • Consume all for fractal encryptions (ie open as many as you have keys).
  • Full gather with 1 F. No purpose to forcing gathering in groups of 3 (wood, ore) or 1 (everything else) if more strikes are happening. Especially bad with the guild hall and home nodes.

These may individually be minor but they add up over time.

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they only add more, we used to be able to just get on with it when a heart is finished, now we have to click and confirm or it's ADHD hell with it's flashing and blinking.we used to just level and be done with it, now when we want to RoK quick level it's nothing but hell, my hands hurt enough with the constant desellecting enemies just because it's out of camera view but this really tops it.

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@"Ultramex.1506" said:Also allow us to just Right-click level-up chest because most level-up doesn't give any item, just small attributes increase as if 23+ to power is noteworthy

Well alot do give you items but you can spam click right click and enter to cycle through non item reward level up chests.

Also if you're spamming level up tomes you can move the "are you sure?" Window to one spot and then just spam left click.

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