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Elementalist Trait Bug

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When using the Elemental Shielding trait, if playing as a tempest, the trait does not work correctly if you apply a fire aura to other people through any means (overload, feel the burn, or rebound.) This bug happens constantly, throughout any map and/or game mode. The bug does not happen with any other aura type granted by tempests. (shocking, frost, or magnetic.)

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I have the same Problem. I like to run an aura/buffing/ healing tempest, but I can't give boons to people with ANY fire aura (this would mainly be from mainly from "feel the Burn" and Overload Fire").

A quick explanation of my build:I use "Powerful Aura" on the water specialization to give auras to allies, in combination with "Zephyr's Boon" to give them fury and swiftness boons as well. I also use "Elemental Bastion" on the "Tempest" Elite Specialization to also heal the allies I give the auras to. I love this build dearly and am bummed out I can't use my fire attunement effectively with it :( can anyone help?

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