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(Advice) What you NEED to do daily.

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Okay, so please don't come at me with the "you can do what you want and don't need to do anything" line. I'm not after that.Assumptions :1) You play EVERY DAY, for atleast 2 hours.2) You want to make sure you don't miss out on anything that's "time gated" ( you can only craft this item once a day, open this chest once a day, collect these nodes once a day etc)3) You absolutely want to maximise your bang for buck in terms of time spent vs gold / other currency obtained and be as efficient as possible doing it.

So, what would your recommendations be?Do the 3 dailies for 2Gold?Run one fractal? Farm your home instance? Play 30 mins of wvw?

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I avoid thinking of anything in a game as something I need to do. That's a surefire way (for me) to hit burnout sooner rather than later. However, your specific questions can be answered specifically:

  • The only time-crafted items I worry about are the ascended mats: mithrillium (for deldrimor steel etc), silk weaving thread (for damask etc), thick elonian cord (for elonian leather), and spirit residue (for spiritwood etc).
  • Dailies are (in my opinion) worth doing quickly, 5-10 minutes tops. Plenty of websites cover how/where (can also search forums for those details).
  • Most efficient 60 minutes depends on more factors than just gold-per-hour, in large part because monetizing the rewards/drop requires additional effort (I'll expand on that, below). My advice is to try all suggestions and find something that fits right for you (see below for specifics), because the "best" farm for me is not the same as for my friend and won't be the same for you.

Some specific 60 minute farms, in no particular order:

  • Park every toon near a JP chest. Cycling through 20 characters takes little time and generates 'decent' loot for zero effort. (Everyone has different opinions about the 'best' place.) Parking at Flax farms is also good, although more effort.
  • The Tomb of the Primeval Kings in the Desert Highlands has six chests that can be grabbed quickly (and without combat, once you get used to avoiding mobs). Each chest can be opened by each character, without a good chance of elonian weapons or other rare (~10%, compared to hardly ever for other chests in game).
  • Domain of Istan → Silverwastes meta (best drops for the effort; efficient monetization requires some research until you get the hang of it)
  • HoT meta cycle, e.g. VB Night Boss (park a toon at matriarch, easiest) → TD Chak Gherent → AB Tarir defense → Dragon's Stand
  • 8, 16, or 24 paths of dungeons (also requires some research for effective monetization; far easier with a static than with PUGs)
  • T4 fractals (with a static, an hour; PUGging can be faster or far slower depending)
  • Resource farming (e.g. visit all rich iron nodes). Various websites, including Tekkit's, have efficient routes

Efficient farming depends on more than just finding a "good farm" because a substantial portion of the gold-equivalent value comes from what would be considered "junk" in most games: the stuff you can't use can be sold. There are many ways to do that and they are not equally efficient.Put another way: the most efficient farm in the game is taking time to learn how to efficiently sell all the stuff you get that you don't need for yourself.

Key concepts:

  • Always open unID gear containers; it's always more valuable than salvaging or selling (although more time consuming).
  • Salvage gear. Choice of kit matters and that's a thread in itself (and there are such threads in these very forums, including a few started by me). Short version: Copper-Fed|basic for blues & greens and Mystic Kit for rares gets you close to efficient (you can extract still more value with more nuanced rules of thumb).
  • Whenever selling, choose prices near the lowest sale offer rather than the instant purchase (buy offers).
  • Champ bags and a few other containers drop loot appropriate to the character's level. Accordingly, it's helpful to have a "bag opener" toon. Level 53 works (and again, there's a more nuanced approach for even more value). If you're not sure if a bag|container needs that, have the L53 open one and see if it's L80ish loot or not.
  • Do not ignore the wallet; currency gained from all of the above can be turned into loot. GW2 Efficiency can help with that and there are even more efficient options or currencies that site doesn't cover.
  • Special events sometimes offer substantive farms, some of which are primarily converting things you own now into gold (e.g. for last year's Festival of the Four Winds, I made a fortune selling my mats to people who wanted to use them to buy RNG containers, hoping to get lucky... enough gold to buy some of the 'lucky' drops that most people didn't get)

Final notes:

The most efficient methods to extract the most gold from your inventory|wallet require more effort. Be careful trading your enjoyment of playing for "more gold." In my mind, I think it's best to maximize the amount of "fun" you get for the time spent and gold earned is only one part of that (even if it's the most important part for you right now).

In other words,

Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster...for when you farm long into the labyrinth, the labyrinth gazes also into you.

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Back in the days, my to-do was:1.Do 3 dailies, any, easiest, quick

  1. Do TeqThis would give 4 gold
  2. When I was crafting first gear. Craft daily mats
  3. Run 1-2 round of SW. This is 50-120 bags. Open them on lowbie ( it was lv 49, not sure what works nowadays)every 2-3 days, refine and sell mats.
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I personally just do T4 fractals+Recs with my partner, doesn't take long and it's 15-25g or more a day. You can get ascended gear from there which reduces the amount of gold/gear you need for other characters.

If you're around during two specific times, there's the PoF LW Meta train, loot for legendaries and skin collections.

A round of SW+Chests

x3 Daily during down time quickly

WvW when I'm awake mornings as it seems more active when Asians and Europeans organize. WvW late when I'm rushing pips, as it's normally guaranteed outnumbered for me, which cuts the time to cap pips by nearly half.

I used to do ranked pvp, gave up last year. I would prefer torturing myself playing Legaue.

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@"APGaming.3104" said:Assumptions :1) You play EVERY DAY, for atleast 2 hours.2) You want to make sure you don't miss out on anything that's "time gated" ( you can only craft this item once a day, open this chest once a day, collect these nodes once a day etc)3) You absolutely want to maximise your bang for buck in terms of time spent vs gold / other currency obtained and be as efficient as possible doing it.Short answer: it depends ;) .

Long answer: GW2 has a ton of rewards that are only available once per day (sometimes per character but more often per account). None of these rewards are huge in themselves, so which of these help you to maximise time vs. value depends a lot on where you are in game, what your current and future goals are, and what kind of content you prefer (or refuse) to play.

If you are gathering crafting materials towards crafting ascended or even legendary equipment, crafting the daily gated crafting materials is a good start. Check the wiki on ascended crafting materials , specifically step 1 of the ectoplasm refinement section. If you want to craft your equipment from scratch you can skip this step by buying the step 2 materials from the trading post, but if you intend to craft the equipment via grandmaster marks and waiting to collect those from WvW or PvP takes too long, then you need to craft those account bound and daily gated materials yourself.

Charged quartz crystal is another material that you can only produce one per day of. There is a random chance of dropping one of these when harvesting the home instance quarz node as well as a chance to receive one from wintersday presents or Festival of the four winds supply boxes, but if you know that you will need a certain number of these (check the wiki if you are unsure whether you will need any) your best bet is to charge one every day until you have the required number in storage.

Starting with Season 3, each living story episode has their own set of dailies. Check these out if there is a specific episode currency or magic currency you have need of (mostly if you want to buy ascended jewellery with living story currency). Finishing the dailies each day doesn't take long but gives a substantial boost in the amount of currency gathered. Season 4 also offers additional currency for karma via heart vendors that you can unlock daily with however many characters you care to play on that map.

If you are interested in the legendary trinket Aurora, make sure to start working on your Wayfarer's Henge backpack early. You need a total of 80 druid stone fragments and can only get a maximum of five of those daily through the Draconis Mons heart vendors.

If you don't enjoy pvp but would like to get some of the pvp only rewards (jungle finishers, glorious armor skins and more) there are player created daily rooms (custom arenas) that allow you to gain pvp reward track points as well as select pvp dailies. Since reward track progress is daily capped for custom arenas some people make these a part of their daily routine. Grabbing the easy pve dailies in wvw (camps, sentries, dolyaks) is a good way to gain progress towards a gift of battle (for legendary crafting) or wvw only skins for people who are opposed to pvp gameplay.

Fractals, dungeons, world bosses, Orr temples are other examples of content that offers a daily bonus. Which of these are "must do" depends entirely of what you are after. Fractals and dungeons offer unique currency, but just like living world and expansion maps this is only helpful if you actually have (or expect to have in the future) use of said currency. They are however fun to do, so if you enjoy the content you'll likely find a way to convert the currency into materials useful to you.

Adventures (in expansion and living story maps) are a good daily boost to mastery experience if you haven't maxed your masteries in the area yet and are impatient to progress, or want to boost experience gain for spirit shards (once you have maxed the area's masteries).

I won't comment on the question of "must do to get gold", as there are too many ways in this game to get gold, and there are people on the forums much more knowledgable on how to convert loot to gold than I am. Personally I find that gold comes naturally no matter what or where I play, so whenever I feel the need to actually do specific content daily, it's mostly for non-gold loot as described above.

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