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Cutscene Crashes

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I'm having a load of cutscene crashes. Trying to finish up the personal story and I've crashed on every instance at least once. It always seems like an NPC is getting stuck, as there is new dialogue as an NPC is following me the second time I do it. I've put up with it as much as I could, but just got to the Victory of Death instance. I've crashed three times and three different places. Once after collecting the three parts, once after the helicopter crashed and once after defeating the mouth. I've been at it for two hours and I feel defeated by the game.

I tried running the repair technique and the repair went to "Not Responding." I don't know what else to do at this point.

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Here are some 'official' threads:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/28354/storyline-disconnects-merged#latesthttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/64374/victory-or-death-bugged#latest

You can try a VPN.You can try minimizing cut-scenes.You can try continuously moving your character or using a skill during cutscenes.You can try any or all of the other work-arounds suggested in those threads.

Good luck.

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New to the game and i am about to rage quit. I have now done victory death at least 30 times. I can run through the first bosses and the mouth in like 5 minutes now. I wish i could just skip the cutscenes which makes me mad in and of itself but I cant. I have literally tried EVERYTHING. 

turned virus and firewall off

tried running a video in the back

tried moving

tried windowed/full screen, full screen and windowed

tried low graphics

tried with and without directx 

tried with all three settings of content streaming

tried doing a virus scan (i basically only play games and my lap top is new so I knew it wasnt that but tried it anyway)

tried cleaning out temp files 

tried clearing out cookies etc


i know its the game, not the computer as its a decent computer and has never had an issue with any other game. 

  • (MSI GF75 Thin i7-10750H 17.3” Gaming Laptop (GTX 1660 Ti/16GB/1TB/Win 10 Home)


i dont know what to do anymore. Ive wasted a good 8 hrs of my life trying to get through this stupid instance.



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