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Champion Frainn In timberline Event Chain is stalled again

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In order to assassinate Frainn, you sort of need this Event chain to start. Why when I never needed it for Legendary Hunter progress before did I see it working, but now need it and the Event chain wont start. Its been 3 Days now, and I constantly come back to check on things, and still nothing. Can we find a way to get Events back up and running Please.Someone tell me good news that maybe in their map it was working at least and that I wont have to just forget about progress on this for awhile.

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I cannot do this encounter. I am on the flameseeker chain and this is blocking any progress. I tried to join the map during different Ley-Line anomalies, no luck.

I also find a lot of topics on the problem, all indicating buggy escort event chains that require a new "map instance" to be "fixed".

Apparently a guaranteed fix is to wait for a new patch, since that would reset everything...

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This is what I wrote 7-8 months ago, in another thread:

It's honestly not any more bugged than any more than any other event on any map that hasn't refreshed: sometimes, stuff goes wrong and NPCs stall or something fails to trigger, However, it's still possible to do this event. Every time I've needed to do it, as well as plenty of times I was just in the area for something else, I've managed to get credit.

You only need it to work once, so focus on getting to the map for that one time. Here are a couple of techniques:

  • Park a toon anywhere along the route of the event chain. If you have mounts, you can get to Frainn's location, so I recommend using the springer to park right above his spawn.
  • Whenever you have a free 5 minutes or so, swap to that character. If the event is up (or nearly so), great. If not...
  • Check the description of the meta event in the upper right of your UI. It should indicate some level of progress if it's up. If so, great, head to the location it's at and follow it through. If not...
  • Swap back to your other characters and come back later. Don't wait around; you've got better things to do.

In addition, you can increase the chances that you'll get the event on the first try or so by getting in a freshly created instance or another from the one you usually get as follows:

  • Immediately after a patch, the map will be completely new; this is ideal.
  • During & immediately after the Ley-line Anomaly spawns in Timberline; this is close to ideal.
  • Any day that has Timberline Falls as a 4-event daily, the map is likely to generate extra instances; this is pretty good.
  • After reset, maps can sometimes spawn extra instances; this is hit & miss.
  • When guilds commonly do g-mish, i.e. weekends, just before and after reset.
  • Check LFG for someone doing it.

Of the 7 times I've killed Frainn [in 2018]

  • 4 times, he was up when I spawned into the map (once, someone had done the pre-events and left him alone, so he'd been up for a bit).
  • 3 times, the pre-events were in progress, so I helped out with those (and announced in LFG).
  • In 5 of the cases, I also announced in /map.

Out of all 7 events, despite my attempts to include others, a total of 5 people joined me; usually I was alone.

Further Reading



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@"Illconceived Was Na.9781" said:

I had already read this before posting here, many thanks for the info; yesterday in the evening I was able to join a map that contained a non-bugged encounter. I used LFG to join a squad for the Ley-Line anomaly, and then was able to join another instance (there was only 1 additional that I could see in the entire squad of > 40 people). After waiting a bit in the other map (5-10 minutes), the event started. The only indication that the event was "OK" was that the cave near the waypoint had some grawl spawned in it (though no "commander"), whereas in my map instance it had none, never.

I am playing this game for about 3 weeks now, the legendary crafting seemed like a carrot worth chasing. Now that I know all materials involved, it seems very unfortunate that such a simple step as an event could be such a hassle to complete. Very off-putting as well.

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