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[EU] Our Worlds Anger - | RAIDS | WVW | ACTIVE | SOCIAL |

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Our Worlds Anger

https://discord.gg/ask xD

Guild History

The guild was created 5 years ago, and i am still it's guild leader. We moved onto a WvW / Raid guild and were a force to be reckoned with. We had on average 40 people from the guild running with us for WvW and 4 active teams for Raids. Two years ago, i had to leave the game (real life happened :( ). As such, the guild essentially dissolved. Since returning, i have been heavily recruiting and we are thriving again.



Our focus

  • PvE
    1. Fractals
    2. Raids
  • WvW
    1. WvW Raid parties
    2. Obsidian Sanctum runs (so much fun! <3)
  • Spvp
    1. Unranked and Ranked events

What we expect from you1 - Active - To be active within a 3 day period (A one week grace period is given).2 - Flexibility - Not everyone wants to do specific events. However, if a player drops out, and you're a direct replacement, we'd hope you'd agree to sub in.3 - Honesty - Be honest with everything you say. If you don't like something, tell me. I'm here to improve your time in the game, and the guilds.4 - Learn - Willingness to learn about classes, your own class, what works, what doesn't work. Why it doesn't work.5 - Talk - A friendly, social, banter orientated player :)


Guild EthosWe are a family orientated guild. We're not a super hardcore guild, nor are we a simple casual guild. We're a mix. Casual most days, but focused when events are run. Everyone is treated as an equal and the banter is just.... constant. It's what keeps a guild alive!


Guild VisionTo become what the guild was 5 years ago. A force to be reckoned with, but also a home for people who simply want a chat if they're lonely / bored :)


Guild eventsPvP / WvW events are run almost daily, in the evening (6pm gmt +1 onwards).Fractals / Dungeon events are run throughout the day, or ad hoc.Raids are scheduled to be for weekends during the evenings (6pm gmt +1 onwards).


Guild rulesPosted within our discord - an invite is provided when you join :bleep_bloop:


Guild LeaderSunnyknight.8340

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Hey!I am sort of a returning player, at GW2 release I leveled a necro & guardian to lvl 80 (and tried out the other classes a bit).And after that I never really played, didn't do any group activities, no pvp, … just did the storyline and some daily quests or open world events to get to 80.I quit game because I didn't know anyone and during leveling never felt the need to do any group stuff, since I could do my whole story solo.

Now that I am returning, I want to participate more in the social stuff (dungeons, fractals, raids, WvW, …) and was hoping to find a guild that can show me the ropes.I deleted my old characters to get a fresh start, currently I am leveling a sylvari guardian, but I don't like the aesthetics of it, so I'm going to start over a new character. So perfect moment to switch servers if need be.

Would there be a place for a player/person like me in Our Worlds Anger?Is there a certain class that your guild really lacks? (I prefer Necro or guardian, but I'm open to learn new classes if it would help out my guild)

Altho my experience with GW2 might be (very) limited, I have over 10 years of experience in MMO's and like to concider myself as a fast learner.If you wish to know more about me as a player or as a person feel free to ask!

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Hello there!I am very interested in your guild, but I have to admit that I am an absolute beginner. Since I do not want to overwhelm you with a wall of text here, I try to briefly introduce myself and give you an impression of what I want and what you could expect from me.

I offer:

  • a relaxed and kind person to engage in various ingame activities.
  • interest in learning the game properly, albeit without any pressure.
  • guild loyality in case both sides see each other as a fit.
  • german efficiency (and dull humour just as this line proves).
  • general gaming affinity and a rather experienced look onto gaming.

I am looking for:

  • a guild to eventually engage in all PvE aspects of the game.
  • nice human beings that are regularly playing the game without neglecting their private lives.
  • nice mentors to aid me in my conquest of grasping the concepts of the game.
  • indulgence regarding the fact that I am balancing work and university and the accompanying time issues that come with it from time to time.

Other relevant aspects would be that:

  • I am 27 years old.
  • I am German and hence living in Germany.
  • I would rather say that I am capable of communicating in English.
  • I currently do not have any lvl 80 character (which would change immediately due to purchasing both addons after finding a guild).

If there is anything else you'd like me to tell you about me, I am more than happy to address any of your questions.

Best regards!


Seems like I have failed to avoid a wall of text. :)

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