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Map request: Caves of Carnage


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Basically what GW2 sPvP lacks now is a Howling Abyss from League of Legends, a widely popular map for players who just want to slay each other without being distracted by the sneaky cowards stealing points.

Courtyard was something like that but with too much open space so cowards were able to run away about screaming "waaaaah remove this map Anet" (which Anet did).So: a separate checkbox queue map, with cavern tileset, some bones and skulls scattered around, and layout of a reasonably narrow corridor with one capture point in the middle - to prevent stealthy squishies from capturing and to give winning team the means to win in spite of cowards and weaklings hiding in spawn. When uncontested, point income rate should exponentially skyrocket to end one-sided games fast.

Would you like to play such map?

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