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[NA][PVE] Lucid Dragon - guild recruiting friendly players, we have a discord and website

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Greetings Guild Wars 2 players!To start with here is our website:https://blazeleedragon.wixsite.com/luciddragon

Nothing fancy but some helpful stuff. So basically we are a pve guild. We have a guild hall with a ton of upgrades. I'd like a few things out of new members. New friends to play with and help finishing our guild hall. We've had several generations of guild mates come and go. right now the guild is waning in activity, I'd like to find some players that want to be active and have some fun.

Requirements:Be friendlyHave funTry to help others when you canAttempt to participate in guild missionsJoin our discord (talking is not required, but we have chat and you can listen in)

I understand that playing a game is not an obligation and I don't feel like it ever should be. For that reason we are very casual in play. Come join us :)

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