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Targeting Issues - post PoF

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I've seen that targeting issues have been a part of the game, but since the latest discussions I've found were from 3-4 years ago, here's a new one for my recent experiences.

I've noticed this mainly on my Scourge who uses axe and torch. Axe skill #2 (Ghastly Claws) and torch skill #5 (Oppressive Collapse) will sometimes miss their targets because, somehow, my targeting has randomly changed to an enemy somewhere to my left, out of view, and also out of range. When I use other skills, they work fine and revert back to the original target. Older posts on this issue from 4 years ago mention right-mouse-clicking as a cause (though I have 'Right click to interact' off) and their auto-targeting system just being simply off the wall. My thinking is that Anet has done something about these issues within the last 4 years, as I have not experienced these problems as heavily as I have been in the past few days since getting PoF. Both Ghastly Claws and Oppressive Collapse have a range of 900, both longer than all the other skills within that weapon combination, so I'm wondering if that has something to do with the glitch. In any case, it's becoming a big problem where I've lost in situations that I could have survived because my two powerful attacks have consistently missed.

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