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Guild aetherium generation information

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This may be a weird request, but would it be possible to add the timestamp of the last aetherium generation tick to guild info?

I noticed in my own guild hall that without any speed upgrades aetherium seems to always generate based on when aetherium capacity was last made available. That is, the capacity upgrade was unlocked at 2019-04-29T04:30:54.000Z (using up all 500/500 aetherium, changing the available capacity from 0 to 1500) and the ticks have been happening every 60 seconds on the :54 of the minute. Before that, the mine was unlocked at 2019-04-28T20:11:29.000Z (changing the available capacity from 0 to 500) and the ticks seemed to be happening around halfway through each minute.

This is technically something that applications could calculate for themselves, but it gets very messy, especially if the guild log doesn't include enough information due to upgrades being done a while ago.

This is the last piece needed to replicate the guild hall upgrade UI on a website.

(Also, just as a side note, some of the early upgrades like ore synthesizer 1 don't seem to require their building even though they do require it ingame.)

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