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The Content is the Reward

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This Discussion/Poll is for purely suggestive ideas for ArenaNet. I believe the implementation of in game rewards can allow the "content to be the reward."

ArenaNet has added skills for movement with Gliding/Mounts with the new living world episodes... but what about collections for new combat skills or trait lines? Gliding updrafts in the Core zones, and currently existing structure updates to new maps? I created a thread back in December of 2018 suggesting a way that the fluff items in-game could be used to change the meta in interesting ways. I now suggest that we could be given new skills but will keep the same effects from my previous thread for this example:

  • Deviating Bulwark - Increased defense against physical attacks, applies 2 stacks of self-confusion every time it reduces damage.
  • Hermit - Chance to block all incoming damage for 5 seconds, for 5 seconds receive no boons from teammates.
  • Sugar Rush - When you receive Quickness, you receive Superspeed for 2 seconds.
  • Minor Sugar Rush - When you gain Swiftness, you gain Superspeed. 20 seconds of "sugar crash," self inflicted Slow for 3 seconds, and prevent Superspeed for 10 seconds.

Storyline Skills (Account bound, not soulbound)

  • Lightbringer's Leap - Self stealth for 4 seconds and drop a light field. (AoE Leap)
  • Magister's Cough Syrup - Drink an archaic concoction that grants 3 stacks of stability for 5 seconds, and spew 2 stacks of poison for 3 seconds in a cone in front of you
  • Tactician's Bundle - Contains a bundle of skills (Shield (Block), Wrench (Throw), Grenade (CC AoE).

The "Pact Commander (Support)," "Dragonslayer (Crowd Control)," and, "God Slayer (DPS)," trait lines.Requirement's include:

  • Mastery Line
  • Collections
  • RNG drops from bosses/events

Do you have any ideas about how "Content can be the reward," or any ideas on trait lines or skills that could be balanced?

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the reward is the rewardppl want tangible reward like chak egg sac invisible boots thats why HoT metas r popularwatch this weekend bonus is gonna be insane

anet server will crash cuz everyone will be doing world bosses... why is it only a 1 time event... should be permanent

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Isn't this exactly what they do with masteries?

I know they're not presented as a reward but it seems like the same idea to me - you play in a specific area getting XP and completing achievements and you're rewarded with a new ability for your characters.

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