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[Mist] - PVE - NA - Casual/Social - Recruiting

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Celestial Warriors of The Mists [Mist] is looking for both new and old players to join our family! An 18+ Social guild we’re a laid back group who enjoy helping new/returning players!! We have an active discord with an even more active voice chat, join us for our weekly events such as fractal training, dungeons, guild missions and more!! Mail me in game if your interested at Christen.3980! I look forward to gaming with you 0/

CST Timezone Guild Missions are held Tuesdays at 8:00PM with something happening every night!

Fractal Training Fri & Sat

Hp Trains (dates being updated)

Dungeons Mon & Sun

Fun Randomness Mon & Thurs

Check us out on discord!!Https://discord.gg/NktzsmR

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