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[Suggestions] Additional home instance features

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Cow barn: Go ahead and milk your cow(s) and get a new cooking ingredient, milk. Cooking crafters can turn milk into butter, etc.

Chicken coop: a place to harvest eggs.

You have the option to 'Sell to market' your cow or chicken. If you do so, you get slabs of red meat or poultry but you do not have cows / chickens to harvest milk/eggs for a few days.

The Black Lion plot deed is nice, but 4 plants per plot is too little, each plot should have 8.

The mining nodes are getting a little too plentiful, it might be better to take them out of the home instance and make a 'mine shaft' instance entry point (in the home instance of course) where you are taken to a simple underground mine with enough space to include many nodes.

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