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[HOD][NA][OCX][WvW][MM] aka NOODY'S GUILD WvW Fight focused guild recruiting experienced players

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MM Midnight Mafia on Henge of Denravi NA/OCX timezone raids 4x per week with a focus on fights.

MM membership requires a few things. First, if you are online in GW2 during one of our 4 raid times, we require that you run in our WvW squad. Second, when running in our squad we require that you represent the MM guild tag. Third, and finally, we request that you run one of our core guild builds.

Recruiting experienced players:FirebrandRevScrapperScourge

NA Raid Schedule:Saturday 9pm EST (UTC -5)Sunday 8pm EST (UTC -5)Tuesday 9pm EST (UTC -5)Wednesday 9pm EST (UTC -5)

OCX Raid Schedule:Saturday 7pm AEST ( UTC +10)Sunday 7pm AEST (UTC +10)Monday 7pm AEST (UTC +10)Thursday 7pm AEST (UTC +10)

Duration for all raids is approximately 2 hours.

For recruitment or more info send a mail to labattadm.5624

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