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Help Kitur recover equipment is bugged. Can't get Griffon mount

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Server: Elona Reach [DE]Map: Domain of VabbiRace/Class: AllEvent: Help First Spear Kitur recover his equipment and escape imprisonmentSince when: Unknown, I first encountered it some six hours ago

The NPC just sits in his cell and won't move. When you try to talk to him a dialog box opens for a split second and then instantly closes. Event is stuck at "Equipment recovered: 0/7"

Since this event is needed for the Open Skies: Domains of Vabbi achievement it is currently impossible to obtain the griffon mount

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In addition to using the in-game bug report feature (which shares important information about the state of the map, so it's useful, even though they don't respond to them), you can try a couple of things to find a functional iteration of the event. Often, an event will come unscrewed like this on only one or a few copies of the map, so you can try to switch which copy of the map you're on (and the game will often sort you to the same instance of the map even after logging out and back in). To do that:

  • check which ip you're on by typing /ip in the chat window, and making a note of the number
  • check the LFG for a squad listing on the map you're in, and join the squad. If they're in another instance, join them in that instance and try again
  • if there is no squad listed, ask your guildmates to see if one of them will spawn into a different copy of the map, then party with them to switch instances and try the event again -- remember to party up after they've found a different ip, since being in a party will make the game prefer to sort them into your current map
  • if you don't have guildmates available, ask in Lion's Arch or Divinity's Reach if someone will travel to the map and send you a party invitation if they spawn into a different ip -- it's not uncommon to find a willing taxi driver that way
  • if none of that works, ask for help finding a different copy of the map in the Players Helping Players section of the forums, including your server region and what time & time zone you're usually online, and you can often find someone there who will help you change ips.

The other main thing to try is to go to the map immediately after you download the next patch, in the hopes that the reset has restored the event's functionality at least temporarily. Even when an event is broken across multiple copies of a map, a patch reset that forces new copies to open will often have successful completions once or twice before it breaks down again.

It can take a while for a reported bug to be identified and squashed, so these are just things to try in the meantime, to try to work around them until they're fixed. I'd offer to taxi you, but I'm on NA servers, so I'll just wish you good luck!

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