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New way of handling rewards in WvW and new incentives


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A lot of the big zerg vs zerg fights in GW2 are usually driven by the desire for heavy loot bags and other drops. I feel like recently, especially in T1 and T2 NA, when a group gets run over once, they just give up and hide in their keep. Which is fair cause who would wanna be farmed using your own time of play. However, no one wants to raid a sieged up keep with full supply and literally cannons and AC's everywhere with an unorganized group of pugs.

i feel like new incentives gotta be made in order for people to enjoy WvW more. Like there are a few guilds that wanna sit in EBG for 3 hours PPTing while looking for an enemy zerg to show up.

Here are some ideas that have been floating around while thinking about the state of WvW T_T, feel free to add, criticize, trash talk, and even post your own ideas:

  • A guild weekly chest based on a guild's WvW kills when formed up with at least 10 people or whatever number suits (The reason I did not put keep and tower captures is because PPT guilds can just flip paper towers and keeps over and over again. PPT can be a good use for strategies such as baiting enemies to other sides of the map to defend, but for WvW to actually be more competitive and hence the name "Guild Wars", it would be much cooler for every guild to bring their own meta and see how it fares against enemies.)
  • For every tag, this would help with PUGmanders as well, but before joining squad there would be a message asking you if you would wanna go "Support or Damage" or whatever. there should be at least 5 supports for one squad, but if this isn't met, then you can put double EXP incentives for people to go support. you can put the votekick option in full use for those people who don't go the role they are assigned, kinda like world of warcraft "WTF why is my healer doing more dmg than me?!?!"
  • I'm curious about the SMC airship. Make it an optional tactic like cloaking waters. With it, you could have a periodic live event where a Tier 3 SMC would spawn an airship on the second floor that players could ride on past the outer gate of an enemy keep and drop with their gliders within the outer walls only. This is kind of like a PVE live event where players would flock to one place to accomplish something, which is cap the keep! Of course the enemy team would be notified and the siege m o n k e y s will begin their good work, but I would think it would be a lot of fun to defend against that (maybe not so for some others). Succesful defends against this event should also have a really cool reward like 50 loot bags or something.
  • Revive edge of the mists dude, idk how but that map is actually awesome to have fights on.

i would think that for most of these ideas, were they to come alive, they would not be hard to accomplish since it's just systematic changes like putting an interface for the squad joining or adding a chest system based on kills.

These ideas will have lots of flaws but it's best to share your ideas instead of staying silent, like voting kind of, but W/ever. pce.

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