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Next Elite Suggestion -- Master/Samurai


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@Zexanima.7851 said:

That's what the e-spec would add, heavy burst damage. Maybe have an "execution" ability replaces the steal that gets stacks per ini spent (if that skill damages the enemy). The execution damage could go up like 10% per stack to something like a max of 200% damage then if you're target is below 50% health it goes up by another 100%. Then when you execute it clears the stacks. GS abilities would revolve around blinds, CC, and blocks to keep you alive while you build stacks and whittle down your enemy.

Just some GS ideas since everyone seems to think it's the worst thing every. Not really dedicated to any of them:
  1. 3 move auto chain that applies 1s AoE blind on last swing on up to 5 targets
  2. Hold the blade in front of you and block 3 attacks. If three are blocked, release a shadow eruption and knock down 3 targets. If fully channeled, gain 3 seconds of stealth
  3. Slam your sword in the ground and cause a shadow sword to erupt at the target location knocking enemies back. Activate again to shadow step to the sword.
  4. Swing the sword in an overhead arc, summoning hidden blades from above. The AoE has three pulses, first cripple, then slow, then immobilize. If all three hit, the target is also dazed for 1/2 second. 3 targets.
  5. Channeled skill: Cost-2 ini/sec. Gain quickness every second. All GS attacks steal 1 boon.

Man you realize that just one Elite traitline will not fix our whole DPS in competetive modes rightIf it even is goign to fix it ppl are going to make such cheesy builds out of it combining it with our most powerful triats we already have that Anet will have to nerf it under the ground OR they do it like they did it with DE by nerfing anything and everything else. That is just not what we can afford atm.I mean cool Executioner yea sure nice. But mate that will not happen surely not now with this unbalanced state of game.Specualting over new especs atm is completely useless. nice idea but not now

I'll come up with fun ideas whenever I please, thank you very much. I don't see the correlation between starting a discussion with "Hey, I think this would be a cool idea" and game balance. I'm not even sure thief has that major of a DPS problem as we shouldn't have super high dps. At the most we should have a
strong burst. Thief is suppose to rely on mobility and it's ability to control the fight. We don't need more 1 shot power houses. For the most part though I think the issues is that other professions are now able to do what a thief can do but better all across the board. It's also the amount of sustain now that makes thief seem like it's lacking in damage. All we have left is our slightly superior mobility (which is falling behind by the update) and easier access to stealth. I'm not denying thief needs to see some changes but I don't think
damage is the major issue, it's other professions growing amount of sustain. Anyway, I came here to comment on and brainstorm cool ideas, not argue about balance.

What ability to control the fight? They have not done much to enhance our abilities to do shit. We can run I guess. Our best duel set currently co.es from pistol interrupts. Yet they haven't done anything to encourage the use.

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I wish they made an actual brawler like with fist weapons make them move fast but have counter abilities and guard abilities. It rewards for active play but those who don't pay attention get creamed. Since they dont want to up out sustain in fight we can at least get a block and counter skill coupled with our dodges.

We will have a middle ground with core thief, a nimble fighter with dare devil, long range with dead eye and a new brawler. Maybe call it martial artist or something the name can change. Introduce it in an expansion with cantha and make steal something called blindside which you run up to your opponent and stun them for a second or 2.

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At this point, thief as a whole needs a complete rework before any elite specialisation comes in.

It is underperforming and very unfun to play, especially daredevil (which they destroyed last patch) and damn... deadeye? I wanted to play a thief / assassin, not some sniper from counter strike...

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