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Third Party resources for GW2

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Other than wiki.guildwars2.com, YouTube, and Reddit, what other 3rd party sites are the go to places for gw2 info.For:

  • Builds and rotations
  • crafting and mat farming
  • trading post
  • character info (completed/incompleted objectives, achievements, collections, equipped items, etc...)
  • anything else useful.

Ideally places that make use of GW2 Web api's allowing players to conveniently get info without keying in a ton of info.

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gw2crafts.net for cheap crafting 'guides'. basically calculates the cheapest way to get your crafting professions maxed.gw2efficiency.com for crafting/character/account info etc.gw2skills.net as build calculator.

allways keep in mind they are all 3rd party, when you make an account on such a site (wich you dont need to) dont use your gw2 login data!

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@"EmmetOtter.8542" said:

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While writing this, @"Illconceived Was Na.9781" has posted a long list of links. I am not a huge fan of double-posting, so here is only a small list of things that have not been mentioned yet:

Farming & MoneymakingGW2 ProfitsGW2 LunchboxGW2 Craftgold

Gear- & Item-PreviewsArgos Soft: Although a little tricky to navigate at the moment, still probably one of the best sites of this kind. It has armor previews for all races, genders and armor-types, even offers different color-schemes. Some of the content might be outdated, but it is 100 % fan-made.GW2 Armor Gallery: Similar to Argos Soft, but less options. It is probably easier to navigate though.GW2 Weapon Gallery: Large database of weapons, same page-design as GW2 Armor Gallery.GW2 Armor: Outdated, but offers the basic armor-types (Dungeons, Order, Drop, Crafted) with some special color combinations. If you want to go with one of these sets, it can be helpful to see how the certain colors look. It has a pretty cool navigation ^^.

ToolsGW2 Power: Damage calculator. A little outdated, but still useful.API Tool List

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