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HoT Hero Points are much harder than PoF??

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@smashgodlight.6584 said:Been trying for hours now to get my deadeye as a daredevil I went to PoF and I almost completed every Hero Point there because i first reached deadeye and there are no more hero points left there and I went to Auric Basin to do more and there is no chance for a thief to solo the hero points there

I mean in PoF hero points can be reach with either no fighting or just a veteran in HoT u need to kill a champion every time ! Why doe sit have to be that way ? Can;t the devs make it easier to at least be able to solo some of them ?? Also the hardest part is to gather people to help u

At the end I started to feel that HoT is even harder than PoF am I the only one here who thinking about that?

thats because Anet learned from experience that in HoT which was more grindy than PoF, that making it harder to get the new elite specs unlocked and making it more grindy actually ran players away from the content they spent all that time to develop and have all the jumping puzzles to get around and the gated maps. Players didnt like it. Thats why PoF was smoother to get through with the mounts as the replacement for jumping puzzle map designs we saw in HoT.

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There are only 25 hero points in POF. You need every single one of them to unlock the elite spec. There are 40 hero points in Heart of Thorns. If you pull out the 15 hardest hero points in HoT, you have 25 hero points that most people can do. Yes there are harder hero points,. but they're also "extra" hero points. So if you skip say the 2 hardest ones in VB and just do 9, you'll find most of the remaining ones are communes. If you skip the three hardest ones in AB, you're still on track. In fact, I find it easier or at least faster to unlock elite specs on new characters in HOT than POF.

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