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New necro help


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Just got a necro to 80 and was wondering if scourge or reaper should be specialized first. I will get both eventually of course but which would help to start with. I mostly do open pve and wvw. Also what type of builds do each use? power? condi? etc. Lastly what is the state of each class of necro, I've heard both ends of the spectrum hearing scourge op, scourge underwhelming, reaper is best etc.

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  1. Condi necro.. Always. Power is awful, but fun.
  2. Scourge is better than reaper imo. I love how it plays and I love that you can do more damage without relying on a shitty chill field.
  3. Scourge is currently king in WvW from what everyone says. I have played scourge and reaper a lot in spvp and it definitely feels strong. People melt very fast.

I would definitely recommend scourge first. It is mostly a pvp/wvw spec since it has a lot of boon corruption effects.

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@Tea.2740 said:

@Justin.5231 said:
  1. Condi necro.. Always. Power is
    , but fun.

Which armor weap stats do you suggest? I can only get easily acquired stats none of the viper/trailblaizer stuff.

To start with, I would say Carrion. It's very easy to get and makes life force management easier. This applies for both Reaper (which also makes good use of the Power stat) and Scourge (which really loves life force).

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