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Piece Of unidentified gear + Magic Find

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Hello guys,

could someone please tell me if we have to still BUFF UP Magic Find to open and get good loot from all of the "pieces of unidentified gear"

and also, how do you guys manage opening them now? rares, greens and blues.

Advices with clarity are most welcome.



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Magic find increases the yield and grade of unidentified gear, not the identification thereof.Unlucky Joe and Lucky Tom do the same event.UJ finds 6 pieces, of which 2 are green.LT finds 8 pieces of which 3 are green and 1 is yellow.Unlucky Joe and Lucky Tom both find the same trashy blue dagger upon identification

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@"trouble.3562" said:Is it worth to build up MF to open the few boxes that say "affected by MF?" in your opinion?

Mostly no, because there are so few containers that we get that are affected and it's a lot of effort. If you have cheap food (halloween oils and Wintersday food), sure, pop it. I don't waste boosters or take 2 minutes to visit a GH or 2 minutes to swap Amulet Enhancements for anything under a stack.

The sole exception: Lunar New Year lucky envelopes. The difference is measurable on anything above 40-50 units.(For under 4 dozen, I strongly recommend selling on the TP at a price consistent with recent historical high points.)

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