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To Kill a God Hidden Achievement Bug?

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This is a small issue, but I'll actually post it to see if anyone else had the same issue.

So after various crashes and disconnects in my attempts, I finally finished my second battle with Balthazar for the two hidden achievements Dulfy.net describes without using Sohothin and without being hit by Balthazar's ultimate attack. Both of these I did precisely and perfectly, if I get downed which is rare, I carefully swap out Sohothin before continuing the fight. Special Action was only clicked once for the shield. Of course, it's very difficult to make a mistake with freeing Aurene and thwarting the ultimate attack as there is so much time. I actually accomplished this the very first time I fought Balth.

However, I am still stuck at 17/19 achievements 89% complete. I don't see the hidden achievements and it never gave them to me nor do I have the ascended grieving amulet reward. I am 100% sure I did not make a mistake. At very least it should've given me the ultimate attack one, since Balthazar for sure never ever got to execute that attack since day one.

Update: I re-repeated the fight and got the achievements this time somehow. In fact this time, it was worse than the previous attempt, I did die a few times and I nearly used Sohothin accidentally, so I'm certain my previous attempt should have received the achievements - at least the ultimate attack one. Strange.

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