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The Daily Helper

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A year ago I made the Daily Gatherer Helper to help my guildmates, find the best locations to finish their daily gathering quests.Today I launched the improved version, that now also include fractals and some selected WvW locations.

So check it out: http://thedaemonarmy.com/

Also a big shoutout to several of my guildies, who helped me a lot providing the fractal pictures and locations! :D

Let me know if you experience any bugs or if you have any feedback / suggestions etc! :)

Known issue:

  • I'm working on fixing an issue where only two of the recommended fractals show up.
  • Managed to call it Battlegrounds instead of borderlands
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Hey! Love your site but recently it has started showing wrong daillies like yesterday it was showing the wrong jumping puzzle. Just wanted to give you a headsup as I find it a great site and use it every day I do my daillies. I hope its some kind of caching issue and that you can fix it :D

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