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Who we Are

Aincrad Sao is a guild based around making friendships and acceptance of everyone, we want to build a community of trust and understanding and so with that said we are looking for members who are just as understanding and accepting of those who have disabilities or are apart of the LGBTQ+ group. Our guild will not tolerate Bigotry and Elitism, such members who show such attitude will get kicked from our guild.

We want to make an environment where everyone feels welcomed and safe from negative view points and don't have to be afraid of speaking up or just chatting away with us. Aincrad prides itself on the word Acceptance. Also most of us are just plain ole goofy sarcastic users who all have an interest in anime and gaming.


  • Be accepting and understanding is most of what we ask
  • Repping is required 50% of the time
  • It would be ideal for you try us out for a week and see how you fit in with us
  • Having the Expansions is not required to join, as we take anyone with any skill level
  • Being sociable is a major plus
  • Our guild is 18+,however we cant enforce this, so just keep in mind if you are interested you will be playing with those in there early 20s-40s age range.
  • We run later in the day as most of our members have work, so your most likely to see us most active after 7pm Est
  • The core server for the guild is Dragon Brand,however we do not enforce this, unless you want to do WvW
  • Elitism and Bigotry is not tolerated
  • Discord is required for those who want to use voice and or are interested in Fractals,Dungeons,WvW,PvP, Raiding and to keep up with guild updates as well as the schedule of events.
  • Not really a requirement, just a note for those who are on EU and want to join us you may have to switch to a NA server to be able to play with us as there are server restrictions in game when it comes to Eu and Na players.
  • We want members who will be active and actually talk with us, not members who join never rep or talk and just ignore us
  • If you are looking to join for only raiding we are not the guild for you
  • If you want to join and require leaders be on 24/7 in game running events,we are not the guild for you

The Fun stuff

As a guild we dabble in almost everything,except Raiding as we still need to get a solid raid group going and as a guild we will learn to raid together. With that said we offer World boss runs,Dungeons,WvW,Fractals up to the highest tier,anything we feel up to doing and or you need help with.We do have guild missions twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday evenings,but times for those vary greatly so we have no set time for them, just keep a look out for one of us bringing up guild missions in guild chat or discord.

If you are interested in Joining, please check out our Interest Check

If you have any questions feel free to ask in here or one of us in game. 🙂


OfficersZero.6319DarthMcCoy.8657 - on hiatusWill.9302

Recruitment Officer

Junior officersiforgotmyname.7095

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Day 2 of Egg hatching continues today,The new mount collections is very time consuming,but in the end it will all be worth the effort for those of us working on it.Our guild also has its guild run of the new map later today so if anyone want to come join us feel free to.

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We managed to get the third skyscale achievement unlocked last night and it’s soo much easier,but now the fun part of feeding it for three more days begins before the next achievement unlocks for it.

As you can see our guild is persistent and doesn’t give up easily on things, we stick to what ever it is we are doing no matter what.

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